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Engage your team and your client

Orange Tree Partnership is a Hampshire based consultancy service, providing focused advice and support to businesses across the UK and Europe. 


We work with you to establish a clear output and energise your proposal and business case, offering you clear messaging and engagement with your clients. 


We are focused on helping you to achieve more within your company by helping you identify and communicate clear benefits to engage your customers. 



Business Consultant

I am fortunate to have worked on proposals and pitches across many different industries and disciplines including space, defence, construction, IT and training. I find my clients through recommendations, and together we develop proposals and strategies to secure funding for new services or products with a clear direction for the companies. 


I'm a qualified bid professional, working on projects and pitches to fit client requirements and outcomes. When I am not working with companies, I also work with the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) as a trained mentor and I am a registered STEM Ambassador. 

Image by NASA

- Stuart

"There aren't many people like Victoria. She was without question the reason we pursued a relationship with the European Space Agency. "


Here to support you, your team and your business

Offering a range of support services enables us to better support you. Through guidance, coaching and hands on development, we formulate a structured support plan to help you take the next important steps.

Business Coaching

We work with you to focus on your offer, the pitch and the conversation to engage your clients.

Bid Process Review

Reviewing a process is often highly complex and can lead to organisational changes. We are here to guide you throughout.

Business Analysis

We will conduct a review of your  business proposition and challenge how it fits your company roadmap.


As a trained mentor, Victoria works with carefully considered individuals as part of the APMP UK Mentoring Programme. 

Proposal Development

We offer the planning and development of a proposal with an independent and strategic view.


We deliver engaging business case development workshops to guide you through the bid process life cycle.

areas of focus


We love variety

We work with a variety of industries, but we do have a particular drive
and range of experience in supporting key sectors such as space, construction, IT and government.

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